“When woods awake and trees are green
And leaves are large and long
‘Tis merry to walk in the forest fair
And hear the small birds’ song!”




Located in Mount Vernon, Washington, the Greenwood Tree Educational Cooperative offers child-centered educational experiences grounded in rhythmic, seasonally driven curricula. Our classes range from Early Childhood education through Middle School age homeschool-enrichment programs. We incorporate a hands-on, experiential learning approach that takes into account each child’s developmental process and encourages internally motivated discovery. Our vibrant community events, festivals, and gatherings further enrich the lives of both the children and their families. The programs at Greenwood Tree are continually evolving to better meet student needs and flow directly from the shared vision, collaboration, and commitment of teachers and parents.

If you need more information or have questions, please contact us at (360) 488-3410.