Our Educational Cooperative

Greenwood Tree began as a grass roots organization by a handful of families seeking to create a special learning environment for their children while also creating a strong supportive community that enriches the whole family.

Here at Greenwood Tree, we are so thankful for our teachers. They give their time and energy to our children and are dedicated to learning and putting into practice activities and daily/weekly rhythms that best meet the needs of the whole child. However, it is the parents who continue to shape, inspire, and create the Greenwood Tree community and make it a special place to learn and grow. As a cooperative, Greenwood Tree is owned and operated by the parents and staffed by teachers. Parents help in the classroom by handling the necessary daily tasks, like prep work, organizing projects, cleaning, and food preparation. This allows the teacher to keep their focus on the most important aspect of the classroom…being present and available to the children.

Parent helper requirements are different for each class. Based on the number of children per class and the number of days/week the child attends, the helper shifts are shared between families. Assisting in the classroom is not only a tremendous help to the teacher, it also provides the parent a first hand look at how the class operates and allows for a “window” into their child’s world when interacting with peers and adults. At Greenwood Tree, families share the school experience with their child. This fosters an environment of open communication between the parent and teacher and helps establish relationships with other families in the cooperative.

Greenwood Tree Cooperative recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. Parents share their interests and talents by helping in the classroom, serving on committees, and on the Board of Directors. These direct parental efforts and involvement make the cooperative a unique educational opportunity. The children grow in mind, body, and spirit as they are nurtured with acceptance and kindness by their teacher and other parents within the community. Our hope is to create the “village” where each child feels safe and nurtured, which in turn, allows for healthy child development.

Parental support and education are an integral part of the cooperative experience at Greenwood Tree. Seasonal festivals, social gatherings, and parent education discussions provide opportunities for the whole family to be involved and help build lasting, supportive relationships.