Our Educational Cooperative

/Our Educational Cooperative

Greenwood Tree began as a grass roots organization of a handful of families who wanted to create a special learning environment for their children while also creating a strong supportive community that enriches everyone in the family.

Though GWT has grown to include new teachers, it is you, the parents who continue to shape, inspire, and create the GWT community and make it a special place to learn and grow. As a cooperative, the school is owned and operated by the parents and staffed by teachers. Parents help the teacher in the classroom and do all of the daily work necessary to operate a successful school.

You are there to share the school experience with your child. In the Root Children parent toddler class, you participate in the class with your child – playing, learning, and making new friends together. In our Thimbleberry Kindergarten class, you volunteer in the classroom 1-3 times a month. In the Grades Homeschooling Enrichment Classes you also volunteer 1-2 times a month in the classroom and remain involved in the education provided at home. You get to know the teachers, the other parents, and all the children your child interacts with on a daily basis. This also fosters an environment of open communication between you and your child’s teacher as well as other parents.

Greenwood Tree Cooperative recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. Parents share their interests and talents by helping in the classroom, serving on committees, and on the Board of Directors. These direct parental efforts and involvement make the cooperative a unique educational opportunity. The children grow in mind, body, and spirit as they are nurtured with acceptance and kindness by their teacher and other parents. It is our small way of creating the “Village” in which children feel safe and know they are surrounded by a community of people who care about them.

Parent education and parental support is an integral part of the cooperative experience at Greenwood Tree. Seasonal festivals, social gatherings, and parent education discussions provide opportunities for the whole family to be involved and help build lasting, supportive relationships.