Board of Directors

Jennifer Ness
Simone White
Heidi Molnick
Matthew Shellenberger

Matthew Shellenberger / Board President

Lisa Littlefield

Lisa Littlefield / Treasurer

I’ve spent most of my adult life prior to children in Finance/Accounting and Business Administration. With our first child we made a lifestyle change and decided that we needed a parent to stay home with our baby. I was introduced to the Anacortes Co-op preschool with my daughter and attended for 6 years with both my children. I served on their Board as Director for three of those years and Treasurer for one year. I have served on the Board at Greenwood Tree for the since 2012. We our fortunate to live on beautiful Fidalgo Island with a couple of dogs and a few chickens. We enjoy camping, swimming, and just having fun as a family. I have loved watching Greenwood Tree grow over the past few years. Providing an alternative educational option for families is near and dear to my heart.
Mary Stankey

Mary Stankey / Trustee, Board Member

Mary Stankey is a Greenwood Tree Cooperative (GWT) parent and has one child starting her fourth year at the school.  The past 2 years, she has worked in exchange for tuition as classroom assistant.  She grew up in Yakima WA and is third of seven children.  She did homeschool from fifth grade on.  She has a Bachelors of Science from Southern Oregon University in Chemistry with a focus on Biochemistry.  Her background is in Biological Aerosol Research but after a car accident and plummeting health, Mary's main focus for the last 10 years has been in Natural Healing.  She was an active Wellness Consultant for 1 year prior to her daughter's birth and is still passionate about sharing her holistic approach to continued healing and well-being. Finding the GWT community has been life changing and she is excited and honored to be part of such a heart centered cooperative where love and respect for self and others is practiced.  Combined with homeschool, GWT offers the best learning experience for her daughter without the stresses of unnecessary testing or the “cookie cutter / one fits all” learning style provided in public schools.  Mary has been practicing and teaching ancient food preparation methods and has also been helping organize the adult education classes at GWT.  She dreams of one day returning to school to become a Doctor, Compound Pharmacist or getting a Ph.D. in Genetics or Biochemistry.  In her spare time, she enjoys being in the company of friends and family, gardening, cooking, reading and genealogy.