Board of Directors

Matthew Shellenberger

Matthew Shellenberger / Board President

Matthew lives in Conway with his wife, Britt, and their 5 children. He has been part of the Greenwood Tree community since the beginning. Matthew has been an entrepreneur since the 5th grade when he started his first business selling bait to fishermen. He has owned and operated a computer store, a screen print shop, a design/build firm, and currently operates Freya Farm. Aside from self employment he worked freelance in the San Francisco film industry for 4 years, taught high school Art and Graphic Design for 1 year, and was a watershed manager at the Whatcom Conservation District for 2 years. He also volunteered as treasurer on the board of directors at the ARC of Whatcom County for 4 years. His family currently shares space with Bowie the dog, cats, goats, pigs, and chickens. His interests include permaculture gardening, hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, swimming, skiing, biking, and nature in all her glory. His passion in life is his family and playing music.
Mary Stankey

Mary Stankey / Board Secretary

Mary Stankey is a Greenwood Tree Cooperative (GWT) parent. For the past 2 years she has worked as a classroom assistant.  Her daughter has attended Greenwood Tree for five years and is currently in the Eaglets class. She grew up in Yakima, WA and is the third of seven children.  She was homeschooled from fifth grade on.  Mary has a Bachelors of Science from Southern Oregon University in Chemistry with a focus on Biochemistry.  Her background is in Biological Aerosol Research but after a car accident and plummeting health, Mary's main focus for the last 10 years has been in Natural Healing.  She was an active Wellness Consultant for 1 year prior to her daughter's birth and is still passionate about sharing her holistic approach to continued healing and well-being. Finding the GWT community has been life changing and she is excited and honored to be part of such a heart centered cooperative where love and respect for self and others is practiced.  Combined with homeschool, GWT offers the best learning experience for her daughter without the stresses of unnecessary testing or the “cookie cutter/one fits all” learning style provided in public schools.  Mary has been practicing and teaching ancient food preparation methods and has also been helping organize the adult education classes at GWT.  She dreams of one day returning to school to become a Doctor, Compound Pharmacist or getting a Ph.D. in Genetics or Biochemistry.  In her spare time, she enjoys being in the company of friends and family, gardening, cooking, reading and genealogy.
Heidi Molnick

Heidi Molnick / Board Trustee

Heidi is a Washington native.  She has been trekking through the woods of the Northwest since she was a kid!  In her teens she became a vegetarian and hasn't looked back since.  Her interest in Waldorf education began before she started having her own children with a visit to a local Waldorf school.  She has always incorporated the Waldorf fundamentals into her children's education and home.  Heidi lives in the country with her husband, four daughters, "Neko" the dog, two cats, two horses, and too many chickens to keep track of!  When she can squeeze in some time for herself, she enjoys knitting, sewing, hiking, healthy food, good music, and sharing life with her family and friends.
Simone White

Simone White / Board Treasurer

Simone White is a board member and Treasurer for Greenwood Tree Educational Cooperative. She also works full time as an Accounting and Human Resource Manager for a small local specialty medical group located in Everett, WA. Simone has worked in various accounting, human resource and operational positions and industries over the last 23 years and has a passion for helping small companies evaluate the numbers of their business and turning this data into meaningful information that decision makers can use. Simone holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Central Washington University and a Master’s degree in Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management. In addition to her passion for all things numbers, she is also married to her husband Randy and mother to their daughter Nessa with another baby girl on the way. Her family also includes three of the four-legged variety that includes dogs Ellie, Edwina and Echo. Simone is also passionate about knitting, crocheting, music and dancing and she currently studies belly dance and performs locally in a belly dance troupe called Profusion Tribal Dancers.