Root Children:  WEDNESDAY  9 – 11:00am

Tulips Class: TUESDAY/THURSDAY  9 -12pm

Thimbleberry Mixed Age Kindergarten:  (* 2-4 day options) MONDAY – THURSDAY  9 – 12:30pm

Grade One:  ( 1-3 day options) MONDAY – WEDNESDAY  9-1pm

Eaglets (2/3rd): ( 1-4 day options) MONDAY – WEDNESDAY  9-2pm ;  ** THURSDAY  9-1pm

*** Sunflowers (4/5th):  ( 2-4 day options) MONDAY – THURSDAY  9-3pm

Outdoor Education/Homeschool Enrichment Grade 4+ –  FRIDAY   9-3pm


*Four year old’s have a minimum 2 day enrollment requirement on Tues./Thurs.  May add additional days after this requirement is met.

**Outdoor Education optional add-on class: Thursdays  1-3pm (Eaglet students only; additional cost. Greenwood Tree may, at their discretion, alter this requirement to allow a previously enrolled student to attend Outdoor Education without enrolling in the Eaglets full day class.)

***Outdoor Education/Homeschool Enrichment Sunflowers optional add on class: Fridays 9-3pm (discount based on pricing for multi-day Sunflowers class)