Outdoor Education – *enrolled Eaglets students

Outdoor Education/add-on (*for currently enrolled Eaglets students)

Teacher: Britt Shellenberger
Meets: Thursdays  1 – 3pm (after the Eaglets class is dismissed at 1pm)

The Outdoor Education class for *currently enrolled Eaglets, gr. 2/3 students will take place weekly on Thursday afternoons.  The Eaglets class will be released an hour earlier than on normal class days (1pm) and immediately afterwards, the Outdoor Education class will meet and spend the next two hours exploring outdoors with Britt, the Outdoor Education teacher.  The group will return to school between 3 – 3:15 when parents/guardians will be expected to pick up students.


*Greenwood Tree may, at their discretion, alter this requirement to allow a previously enrolled student to attend Outdoor Education without enrolling in the Eaglets full day class.