Project Details


Project Description
Homeschool Enrichment
Grades: 5+

For: School-age children 10+
Teacher: Sophia Dobra
Meets: Mondays & Tuesdays, 10:00AM – 3:30PM 1 & 2 Day options availible
Optional:  Weekly Outdoor Education Class is offered to enrolled students on Fridays, 1:00 to 3:00pm

The Homeschool Enrichment Program at Greenwood Tree is a Waldorf–inspired learning environment for grade school-aged children that offers holistic instruction in a multi-age setting to enhance the education children receive at home.

We provide nurturing opportunities for children to engage with other homeschoolers in cooperative learning, exploration of academic subjects, artistic work, creating friendships, and building connections to the community.  We strive to engage the whole child– head, heart, and hands– with a focus on experiential education that will promote a lifelong love of learning and a sense of wonder.

The students’ daily rhythm consists of circle and sharing time, main lesson, singing, musical instrument instruction, modeling and sculpting, watercolor painting, cooking, baking, drama, foreign language, handwork, and seasonal activities.  Daily and seasonal rhythms are connected to nature and we take time every day to experience it by playing or walking outside, regardless of the weather.

Sample Daily Rhythm

10:00 AM:           Morning Circle, singing, group discussion
10:30  AM:          Music instruction: wooden flute (recorder)
11:00  AM:          Main lesson and artistic activity (drawing, painting, writing)
12:00 PM:           Lunch
12:30 PM:           Recess: playground free-play or a nature walk
1:00   PM:           Foreign language
2:00  PM:           Drama/ language arts/ creative writing
3:00  PM:           Handwork
3:30    PM:         Closing verse or song