Eaglets – Grades 4 & 5

For: Children ages 8-10
Teacher: Natasha Daggs
Meets: Monday thru Wednesday from 9 to 3pm

Entering Grade Four and Five: 

After greeting the teacher, the day begins with a warm up including various movement, singing, arithmetic, and speech activities. The class then moves into an interdisciplinary lesson alternating in focus monthly throughout the year between language arts and arithmetic. After lunch and recess the children have classes in foreign language, arts, handwork, and movement.
The classroom environment is well ordered, beautiful, and uncluttered using natural materials. The curriculum and lessons are appropriate to the developing capacities of the children in the class and follow the seasons in the course of the year. Throughout the year, the students take walks and hikes to explore the unfolding, transforming nature around them. While the structure of each day is similar, in a rhythm that breathes and strengthens the life of the child, the content of each day is unique – each lesson is creatively fashioned by the teacher out of his/her insights of the needs of the students. As no textbooks are used, but instead individually created by the children, each lesson is alive and fresh.
At the heart of Waldorf education is a picture of the child and the human being as a unique individual who follows the course of human development working with the earthly gifts of their body and life to discover and express the highest capacities of their spiritual self. The entire curriculum is a multi-sensory experience allowing the children to develop in all of their capacities at once. Waldorf Education is practiced in thousands of schools and early childhood centers throughout the world. Greenwood Cooperative School Grade 4/5 will follow a typical annual calendar from Labor day to early June. Class will be offered four days a week ending at 2:00 pm Monday – Wednesday and 3pm on Thursday.

Daily Rhythm:

9:00AM: Arrival and greeting by teacher
Warm up activities: verses, speech and movement exercises, singing, practice
Main Lesson: month-long blocks of deeper study in language arts and arithmetic
Story: fables, folk tales, and legends tied to the curriculum
11:00am: Lunch and recess
12:00pm: Explorations 1: Spanish, handwork, painting, movement, modeling, form drawing, music, drama, and seasonal activities
1:00pm: Explorations 2: as above, varies each day
1:50pm: Chores and closing
3:00pm: Day ends