Grade One

Teacher: Gretchen Kyle
Days: Monday – Wed
Times: 9am – 2:30pm

First Grade:

The first grade is a time of awakening to the wonders of literature, music, knitting, movement, numbers and letters, painting, drawing and writing, and foreign language. The basic mode of learning for the first grade student comes through picture images, stories, and rhythmic movement.
Out of the wealth of fairy tales from all over the world come the picture images which lead to an introduction of the letters. For example, from the story The Fisherman and his Wife can come the letter W sprouting out of the waves and an F emerging from the fish. The letters are presented in the same manner as language itself developed – from picture to hieroglyphic to symbol. The children hear the stories, draw the pictures, paint and draw the forms, then write the letters. The writing of words follows letter learning, and from these words reading is introduced.
These same principles are used in the teaching of song, dance, circle games, and flute playing, as well as mathematics. Students are introduced to the processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, the qualities of numbers, and rhythmic counting. Concepts combined with movement, the imagination, and artistic activities serve to enhance the learning process and integrate the entire curriculum.
A loving artistic atmosphere surrounds the students in grade one as the teacher guides them to develop the joy of learning and a respect for one another and the world around them.