Root Children (ages birth – 3 years)

/Root Children (ages birth – 3 years)
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Root Children

Ages: birth – 3 years
Teacher: Eileen Frazier
Meets: Wednesday, 9:00am-11:00am

The Greenwood Tree Early Childhood, Root Children Class, is a parent-child program for children ages 12 mos to 3.5 years old that provides a warm, introductory group learning based upon the principles of Waldorf Education. With the security of a parent or caregiver nearby, the children are introduced to the gentle flow of a predictable rhythm that engages the whole child – head, heart and hands. Participation is encouraged through the modeling of the teacher or parent, and children are invited to follow according to their readiness. Children are allowed the time they need to observe and experience activities from the periphery of the group, so that their participation arises out of a deep trust, security and joyful imitation.

  • Please note: this is a time for focus to be placed on the children rather than adult socializing.

Greenwood Tree is a place where children gain confidence and flourish through:

• Ample Time to Play and Learn
This program is play-based with daily opportunities for movement, music, crafts, story, and time outdoors. We move through our day at a comfortable pace, that is centered upon the developmental needs of the young child. The curriculum arises from the mood of the seasons, the traditional tasks of daily life such as preparing meals, and tidying up, as well as open-ended free play with beautiful playthings, handmade from natural materials.

• Daily and Seasonal Rhythms Connected to Nature and Art
The children follow a predictable rhythm of activities through the day and week. The schedule has both the form and the flexibility to accommodate the children’s energy and the flow of the particular day. The consistent and dependable schedule provides a safe atmosphere for growth, exploration and learning within the social realm of their peers, other parents and teachers. Nature stories, seasonal songs and festivals awaken children to the turning of the seasons and a reverence for the earth and all living creatures.

• Caring and Community
We model caring and community through the importance we place on the relationship among the children, parents and teachers, as well as our respect for our immediate environment and the earth’s resources. The classroom is a calm and lovingly tended, homelike environment with an emphasis on healthy organic food, eco-friendly materials, and sustainable practices. Greenwood Tree is a place where the imagination is nurtured, childhood is protected, and adults are supported as they navigate their parenting.