Sunflowers – grades 5/6

/Sunflowers – grades 5/6
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Sunflowers – grades 5/6

For: ages 11-13
Teacher: Shelley Schoenberger
Meets: *Monday – Thursdays 9 –  3pm;

*Outdoor Education class on Fridays offers a five day enrollment option for students in grades 5/6

Students in grade five and six have passed through the nine-year change. As the world becomes separate from the student, the sense of self grows stronger. Together the class engages in activities that begin the path to wakening the consciousness. We hold a picture of the child as a unique individual who follows the course of human development, working with the physical to discover and express the highest capacities of their spiritual self. The class works with the multi-sensory curriculum to develop all capacities at once.

The day starts with a variety of warm-up movement, singing, and speech activities and moves into a focused interdisciplinary lesson alternating monthly throughout the year between language arts and math. In the fourth grade, students will start to add history, local geography and science blocks. After snack and recess the children have special art, handwork, movement, and Spanish classes. The students continue their journey through the grades with their teachers from the previous year– a primary class teacher who will carry the class in main lessons through grade eight.

You are warmly invited to schedule a visit to experience for yourself the Greenwood Tree Educational Cooperative’s commitment to providing a holistic environment, seasonal activities, and community life that truly values and supports the unique experience of homeschooling and honors your journey as a family.

Sample Daily Rhythm
9:00     Arrival, settle in and greeting by teacher
Warm up activities: speech exercises, singing, and imaginative movement games
Main Lessons     Monthly blocks of deeper study in math, language arts, history, local geography, science and drama
11:00     Verse, lunch, and recess
12:00     Students explore and experience handcrafts, foreign language, movement games, painting, form drawing, nature study and seasonal activities, building on main lessons.
2:45     Cleanup and closing of the day
3:00     Day ends