Staff & Administration


Jenna Walenga

Administrative Coordinator

Jenna brings with her a wide breadth of experience in the non-profit world, from running Citizen Science projects in Montana to leading middle schoolers into the backcountry. She combines this experience with the skills of a meditation/yoga teacher and wellness coach. Her recent work was dedicated to helping mothers thrive so their children can also flourish. She hopes to bring the same passion to the position with GWT and is dedicated to helping things run as smoothly as possible for all. She’s excited to get to know the community as both a team member and parent; as her daughter Lyra will be joining the Tulips class as well. She lives in the woods near Bellingham with her husband and two daughters and can be found most days out in the garden or
on a nearby trail.


Hollan Whitman

Roots Teacher

Hollan Whitham has a B.A in Early Childhood Education and Development from The Evergreen State College, as well as completed the Waldorf Teacher Program from The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training. She has over 12 years experience working with young children in a myriad of environments and this is her fifth year teaching in a Waldorf (or Waldorf inspired) school. Besides teaching, her favorite things to do are knitting, gardening, reading and spending time with friends and family.


Eileen Frazier

Tulips Teacher

Eileen is Greenwood Tree’s beloved Tulips teacher. She has been an active member of the Greenwood Tree community since 2012 and has held many roles in that time including school Registrar, board member, bookkeeper assistant, teacher’s assistant in 2012 Saplings class and Co-teacher in 2015 for the Roots Class. She has incorporated elements of Waldorf education into homeschooling her 4 children and she is pursuing additional Waldorf teacher training through Sound Circle in Seattle. Prior to her transformation into “Mom”, she worked in the veterinary field and has a BS in Animal Science from the Univ. of Maryland. She moved to WA from MD 18 yrs ago and she feels blessed on a daily basis to have the privilege to live in our Magic Skagit
and to pursue her love of gardening, travel, animals, community and friends. She is passionate about educating the whole child with both love and with respect for their individual selves. She’s looking forward to guiding parents and children during these precious early childhood years and she hopes to hold a daily rhythm that is full of wonder and opportunities for curiosity and exploration.


Victoria Baker

Thimbleberries Teacher

Victoria is excited to begin her 7th year teaching at Greenwood Tree Educational Cooperative and to return to the Thimbleberry Kindergarten. She is the proud parent of two adult Waldorf alumni and has been part of the
movement for Waldorf Education for over twenty years! As a young person, she was initially drawn to Waldorf by the beauty and intention she experienced in the Tacoma Waldorf School kindergarten and continues to be inspired by all of the vital and engaged elders still working and advocating for healthy childhood. Victoria is dedicated to the nurturing and protection of childhood and the child’s imagination through art, story, puppetry and doll play. She received her Master in Teaching from The Evergreen State College in 2004 and is delighted to be participating in Sound Circle’s teacher training with several Greenwood Tree colleagues. The Social Inclusion and Simplicity Parenting work has been an important influence throughout her years in elementary and early childhood classrooms. Raised as an only child, in a large and loud extended family, she is gratified by the work of helping children and adults navigate the changes that come as a child grows and develops as well as the healthy conflicts that arise in our homes, the classroom, and the playground. Victoria feels blessed to work in this vibrant community, this beautiful valley, and by the power and wisdom of the local indigenous culture and history. She considers it an honor to share this golden moment of early childhood with the families of Greenwood Tree and looks forward to a rich and joyful year with the children and the vibrant community of Greenwood Tree. Victoria currently resides in North Everett, with her husband Jason, youngest son Cedar (Sunflowers), Lily- their very shy Bernese Mountain Dog, and Sasha- their exuberant new Mastiff mix puppy.


Marie Stromberg Wojcik

Owls Teacher - Grades 2 & 3

Marie has a rich background as an English Language Learning educator, folk dancing, as well as Japanese and Spanish Language and culture. She has an incredible depth and breadth of experience and education, with a thread of commitment to social justice, cultural studies and service connecting her diverse areas of expertise. She is also a Powell Fellow at the Holocaust Center for Humanity. Marie and her husband have recently relocated to the Skagit Valley from Portland, Oregon where she worked in a variety of roles, including: ESL/Language teacher, regular substitute for the lower grades for the Portland Waldorf School, as well as Aftercare and the Camp Director. She has always had a special affinity for owls, loves creating with wool and felt and is currently in the second year of her training to be a Eurythmist at the Pacific Eurthmy. Eurythmy is a movement art, that is unique to Waldorf Education, that strives to bring forth the gestures living in the spoken word and often considered to be at the heart of Waldorf education and community life. We are so excited to welcome Marie and for the many gifts she will bring to the Owls students, our program, and Greenwood Tree.


Natasha Daggs

Eaglets Teacher - grades 4 & 5

Bio coming soon


Shelley Schoenberger

Sunflowers - grades 6 & 7

Shelley Schoenberger is excited to be returning to Greenwood Tree as the Sunflower Class Teacher combining Grades Six and Seven. As a Skagit Valley native, she is honored to be an educator in the community where she
was raised. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish Teaching, Shelley spent a year in Switzerland and Spain, then started her career in education teaching high school Spanish. During this time she
continued with her education, earning a Master’s Degree in Spanish from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She taught high school Spanish for seven years and has continued teaching Spanish as well as other classes at Greenwood Tree after leaving public education and staying home with her children. Shelley has been a part of the Greenwood Tree community since the birth of the school, serving as a board member, parent and teacher. Greenwood Tree introduced her to Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf education, inspiring her as
a teacher, mother, wife, friend, sister and daughter to nurture the individual genius inside of each of us. She has witnessed her two children grow alongside the school and fellow students and is blessed to be a part of this unique and amazing community. Shelley has a passion for education, Spanish, movement, handwork, being outside, cultivating and preserving food and maintaining a living home with her family and community.


Britt Shellenberger

Outdoor Education Teacher

Britt Shellenberger grew up in the Skagit Valley and after traveling and living elsewhere has returned here to raise her family. She is happy to call this beautiful valley home again, with all of its natural diversity and beauty. Britt welcomes the opportunity to discuss and nurture the growth of the human spirit. She views challenges as opportunities and ‘failures’ as necessary. By being able to sit with challenging situations and allow the growth of each person, she is well suited for work with children. She is driven by this passion to understand others and uses it to continually find new and interesting ways to engage the whole child. Britt has been with Greenwood Tree from the beginning, serving in various positions in the community, and two years ago began the weekly outdoor education program for Grade 2. She will be continuing this outdoor program for Grades 3 and 4 this year and will be teaching the Home-school Enrichment program for Grades 2, 3, & 4; The Dandelions. Britt graduated from The Evergreen State College with a degree in Cultural Studies, in 1999 and furthered her education at Western Washington University and the North Cascades Institute, graduating
with a MEd in Environmental Education and Non Profit Administration in 2003. These studies have supported her passions and challenged them.