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Jocelyn Norcross Seidenberg

Owls - Grades 3/4 Teacher

Jocelyn Norcross Seidenberg is thrilled to continue on as the Owls class teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. Her teaching journey began 7 years ago when her daughter was born and she discovered the value of Waldorf education as a parent. Since then she has been part of three thriving Waldorf communities, both as parent and teacher. She has a Waldorf teaching certificate and a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish. She has lived in Guam, Hawaii, California, New Hampshire, and now Washington State for the last eight years. In her spare time Jocelyn enjoys traveling, practicing Spanish, gardening and spending time alone in nature. She especially enjoy spending time with her loving husband, brilliant daughter, 13-year-old cat and new puppy. She looks forward to the upcoming school year with joy!